Little Green Corner

Our Story

Our Farm

Most celebrated and cherished are our farmers that supply the café. Firstly, Hugh’s in-laws, Andrew and Linda, run a small farm out at Waurn Ponds. Every day, Linda collects food waste from the café that feeds the chooks (chooks that provide eggs for the café!) and delivers produce that is incorporated in the Good Meals and the café menu. Then there are the web of farms like Eliza and Jim (Mount Moriac Beef) and Xavier and Laura (Barongarook Pork) who operate regenerative businesses. Finally, the Geelong gardeners who trade their produce for coffee or just want to share their excess produce!


There is so much resourcefulness that can happen when direct relationships are nurtured with our farmers. We know the hard works goes into growing and we try to respect that by reincorporating what are commonly treated as waste into delicious ingredients; cauliflower leaves, onion skins, carrot tops, the left over pulp from making almond milk goes into the pesto and even the barista milk waste to make yoghurt. And any off cuts that we can’t reincorporate are collected by Linda (Hugh’s mother in law) to feed their chooks.