Little Green Corner

The Good Meal Project

We set up The Good Meal Project in the hope that we could provide employment security for our staff, continue to be able to buy from our ecosystem of local farmers and provide you a different meal each week. The support continues to blow us away; it has truly been a win - win - win!

You can order a single (one-off) meal or weekly subscription. The meals are a great gift too! The meals are hearty and nourishing (feeding 6 adults). We deliver throughout Geelong and the surfcoast or you can pick up from Little Green Corner.

If you choose the subscription, we will make a different Good Meal on your chosen day each week! Very simple and please remember it is very flexible; you can change your dietary preferences, skip or cancel at any time.

Gifting a meal is a great way to show support to someone who needs it. You will receive a voucher to forward on to that lucky person / family.

A paid forward meal is a beautiful way to nourish a sense of community. It is an anonymous gift (that we organise on your behalf - through Geelong Mums or another local support group).

Week starting Monday the 18th January

The Good Greek salad

Beef kofta / roast egg plant, flat bread, schulz yoghurt tzatziki with a Greek salad 

Easily adjusted to be Dairy Free / egg free / Gluten free

Week starting Monday 25th January

The Good Vietnamese

Rice paper rolls – Hoisen Barongarook Pork / tofu, pickles, vermicelli and nahm jim

Week starting Monday the 1st February

The Good Indian

Details to come : )

Week starting Monday the 8th February

The Good Middle Eastern

Details to come : )

A Good Meal

Each meal will be generous and comfortably fill 6 adults. One size.

A different meal each week; all you need to do is choose between 'with meat', vegetarian or vegan.

$70 for one-off order or $65 per week for the subscription.

Pick up from Little Green Corner (between 12 and 2) or FREE delivery (meals arrive between 3:30-6pm) Tuesday to Friday.