The Good Tiffin


Exclusively available for subscribers to The Good Meal Project!

The Good Tiffin - a beautiful - 100% reusable container. Each week we swap a Good Meal for the empty. So simple. And do you know something?! Together, we are among the first meal service with a zero waste packaging option in Australia!

Before you buy, please think about;

- are you likely to want to skip meals regularly? If so, we'd prefer you delay your Good Tiffin purchase until you are a position to accept a regular meal i.e. with limited number of tiffins we have, we need them to stay in circulation to be effective in cutting waste.

- where cooking / reheating is required, you will need to turn into a pan / microwave container. You must not cook in the tiffin tins!

- we will need to recoup costs from you for any damage you cause, up to the cost of the tiffin. 

- the tiffin is tall! If you don't plan on eating the meal that night, you will probably need to decant into smaller containers / cover the tiffin containers separately, to fit it in the fridge!

- the tiffin will need to be left out for collection when we deliver the following weeks meal. Where the tiffin is not left out and we cannot conveniently swing past and pick it up, you'll need to bring it into LGC for the following weeks meal to be delivered in a tiffin. 

$80 deposit. Refundable any time.