The Good Meal Project

Weekly meal service


Mon - Fri 8.30am - 1.45pm


Skills for richer living

Simple, Local, Sustainable

What does it mean for a business to be run with values? Simple; minimal options, do them well with care for the details. Local: let our menu be fluid; serve only what we harvest from our farm and what our farmers bring in. Sustainable: cut waste i.e. receive milk in stainless steel pails (zero milk carton waste).

Our Farm

Most celebrated and cherished are the web of farms and farmers that supply the café. Firstly, Hugh’s in-laws, Andrew and Linda, run a small farm out at Waurn Ponds. Every day, Linda collects food waste from the café that feeds the chooks (chooks that provide eggs for the café!) and delivers produce that is incorporated in the Good Meals and the café menu. Then there are the web of farms like Eliza and Jim (Mount Moriac Beef) and Xavier and Laura (Barongarook Pork) who operate thoughtful businesses. Finally, the Geelong gardeners who trade their produce for coffee!